насос погружной KARCHER SP 3 Dirt 350Вт л/ч

Цена: 5239 руб.


Модель: SP 3 Dirt
Для грязной воды
Мощность: 350 Вт
Производительность: л/ч
Макс. высота подачи: 6 м
Макс. глубина погружения: 7 м
Макс. размер частиц: 20 мм

Pentax Pocketjet 3 Plus Купить

SDP-UNIV-44 adapter PLCC44 socket PLCC44 TO DIP44 Programmer adapter ic socket

Цена: 2686.14 руб.


Mg Lite Feiyu Tech

SDP-UNIV-44PSOP programmer adapter PSOP44 TO DIP44 SOP44/SOIC44 high-quality gold-plated contacts

Цена: 1087.96 руб.


Модель Пуркуа Па Звезда

SDP-UNIV-44 programmer adapter PLCC44 to DIP44 adapter IC Test Socket gold-plated contacts double-layer circuit board

Цена: 2686.14 руб.


Шапка Зонтик Купить В Москве

Linda Darling-Hammond With the Whole Child in Mind

Цена: 1851.5 руб.


Among the many models of school reform that have emerged in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, one has endured for more than 50 years: the School Development Program (SDP). Established in 1968 by renowned child psychiatrist James P. Comer and the Yale Child Study Center, the SDP is grounded in the belief that successful schooling—particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds—must focus on the whole child. With that in mind, the SDP encompasses both academics and social-emotional development, and it is founded on positive and productive relationships among students, teachers, school leaders, and parents. With the Whole Child in Mind describes the SDP's six developmental pathways (cognitive, social, psychological, physical, linguistic, and ethical) and explains how the program's nine key components (in the form of mechanisms, operations, and guiding principles) create a comprehensive approach to educating children for successful outcomes. Firsthand recollections by Comer, school leaders and teachers, and SDP staff members provide an inside look at the challenges and successes that eventually transformed severely underperforming schools into models of excellence. Linda Darling-Hammond, one of the country's foremost experts on K-12 education, and her colleagues argue persuasively for the continuing relevance of the SDP. Far too many schools still operate in a high-pressure environment that emphasizes testing and standardized curricula while ignoring the fundamental importance of personal connections that make a profound difference for students. Fifty years on, the SDP is still just as powerful as ever.

Аккумулятор Для Micromax Q392

Мешки для пылесоса Filtero KAR 15 Pro (5шт)

Цена: 790 руб.


Мешки Filtero Kar 15 Pro подходят для следующих моделей пылесосов: Aeg Nt 1200 Ghibli As 6 Ghibli M 7 A 2204 - A 2299 серия A 2206 A 2500 - A 2599 серия A 2600 - A 2699 серия A 2604 K 2201 F K 2901 F K 3000 Mv 3 Premium Se 4001 Se 4002 Wd 3.000 - Wd 3.999, кроме Wd 3.330 Wd 3.300 Wd 3.500 Thomas BioVac 1620 C Aquafilter Thomas Bravo 20 Thomas Compact 20 S Thomas Inox 1220 Thomas Inox 1520 Plus Thomas Inox 20 Professional Thomas Power Edition 1520 C Aquafilter Thomas Power Pack 1620 Thomas Prestige 20 S Aquafilter Thomas Vario 20 S

Материнская Плата Gigabyte Ga B150M Ds3H

фильтр для пылесоса KARCHER

Цена: 1120 руб.



Защитное Стекло Для Oneplus 3T

simple SDP-6811-52B Programmer adapter PLCC52 adapter for LT48XP LT48UXP Programmer

Цена: 2010.85 руб.


Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Sm A520F Купить

SDP-UNIV-48TS Programmer adapter TSOP48 to DIP48 adapter Applicable to LT48XP / LT48UXP / TOP series programmer

Цена: 2160.92 руб.


Припой Пос 61 1Мм

SDP-0 Hand punch tablet press machine,laboratory medicine,herbal powders tableting machine,pill stamping machine

Цена: 12222.7 руб.


Msi Geforce Gtx 1060 1544Mhz

SDP-A256M-56TS Adapter LT-48XP/LT-48UXP/LT848 Programming Adapter TSOP56-DIP48 Adapter IC Test Socket 0.5mm Pitch

Цена: 4314.33 руб.


TSOP40 to DIP40 IC Test Socket SDP-UNIV-40TS SA409T ZY420 programmer adapter OTS-40-0.5-01 test socket

Цена: 2476.05 руб.