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Kakuzo Okakura The Book of

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The Philosophy of is not mere aestheticism in the ordinary acceptance of the term, for it expresses conjointly with ethics and religion our whole point of view about man and nature. It is hygiene, for it enforces cleanliness; it is economics, for it shows comfort in simplicity rather than in the complex and costly; it is moral geometry, inasmuch as it defines our sense of proportion to the universe. It represents the true spirit of Eastern democracy by making all its votaries aristocrats in taste.(from "The Book of ")

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David Petts The Holy , An Introduction

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In this easily readable book Dr David Petts answers questions like: Who is the Holy ? Should we worship the Holy ? What is the blasphemy against the Holy ? What role does the play in the work of conversion? Can the Holy help me live a holy life? What is the Baptism in the Holy ? How can I receive and maintain the fulness of the ? What are the gifts of the and how can I receive them? What's the role of the Holy in the life of the church?Written from a distinctly charismatic perspective this book will both inform you and inspire you. The author's balanced approach, with his insistence that our experience of the must be understood and evaluated in the light of biblical revelation, gives the reader con

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John Piippo Encounters with the Holy

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This book is a collection of essays on the Holy from Christian leaders who are active in Holy Renewal Ministries. It is the story of a conference that became a family. The chapters present a biblical and theological understanding of the Holy , with stories of experiencing and encountering the . Like both wings of an airplane are needed to get off the ground and soar, soaring with God's requires good thinking about the and encounters and experiences with the . We believe you will discover both in this collection of essays. You will gain deeper understanding of the Holy 's ways.We pray this will culminate in a life of greater experience with God. May the Holy encourage, strengthen, illuminate, and empower you as you read this book!

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Most of us are merely surviving because we have neglected and ignored the person of the Holy . This publication will provoke you to embrace the person of the Holy . This book encourages and helps anyone interested in developing a personal relationship and fellowship with the person of the Holy .

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Benjamin Cowell of '76 in Rhode Island .published. with Cowell's " of '76". An Analytical and Explanatory Index by James N. Arnold

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Книга " of '76 in Rhode Island [published] with Cowell's " of '76". An Analytical and Explanatory Index by James N. Arnold".

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Kakuzo Okakura The Book of

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Okakura Kakuzo's The Book of (茶の本) is an essay linking the role of tea (ism) to the aesthetic and cultural aspects of Japanese life. Though Kakuzo was born and raised Japanese it was written in English and is one of the great English classics.In The Book of he discusses Zen and Taoism, but also the secular aspects of tea and Japanese life. The book emphasizes how ism taught the Japanese many things; most importantly, simplicity. He ends the book with a chapter on Masters, and spends some time talking about Sen no Rikyū and his contribution to the Japanese Ceremony.Okakura was a Japanese scholar who contributed to the development of arts in Japan. Outside of Japan, he is chiefly remembered today as the author of The Book of .

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Pierce Mobley Fruit of the A Study of the Character and Nature of the Holy

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The Fruit The was inspired while author Pierce Mobley was on a weekend retreat camped atop Black Mountain, in Suches, Georgia. While praying and reading his bible Pierce felt compelled to read in Galatians about the fruit of the and the Lord gave him a new understanding of those verses. Come venture now into the vineyard of God and examine the tender fruit of His .

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Конструктор COBI of St. Louis

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Amitai Etzioni of Community

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Книга " of Community".

William Hazlitt The of the Age

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Книга "The of the Age".